Sunday, December 12, 2010

And the Adventure Begins!

Ah, nothing like Bellagio's Dancing Fountains to ring in our new blog!

This is wild. This is crazy. This is gourmet. This is hole-in-the-wall. This is home cookin'. This is haute cuisine. This is radical. This is avant garde. This is tried and true. This is VEGAS, baby, and we're on our way to munch through all of it and more!

And I'll be holding your hand along the way.

Welcome to Bite of Vegas!

For all of you coming to visit from Nevada Progressive, get ready to see another side of me. I'm leaving the public policy there (mostly, unless you really want to get all food wonk on moi!) to get all gourmand here! OK, OK, and I'll get down and dirty in those holes in the wall with you as well.

And for all of you more familiar with my foodie writing, welcome aboard! I'll be posting more good stuff here. Expect restaurant reviews, kitchen side chats on cooking, and maybe even some dishing on those food TV shows we love... And love to hate.

Maybe we'll even shift to other, broader topics. Who knows??!! Honestly, this feels like a new experience all over again. I feel like I'm moving out of my comfort zone in running my own blog that leaves my political life behind, so please don't be too hard on me in these first few days and weeks. Let's see what happens.

I hope you'll be joining me on this adventure. Just remember to buckle your seat belts. It's going to be a an exhilarating ride! :-D

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