Friday, April 1, 2011

How Do People Eat in Reno?

Over the weekend, I will be posting reviews from the places I ate during my Northern Sojourn. There was some good grub... And some not so good grub.

But before I get into specifics, I want to talk about this. Reno is just so gawd-damned different! No, really. Think about it.

Reno is proud of its history. And food wise, it cuts both ways. It means there are great culinary institutions in Northern Nevada that stand the test of time, regardless of whatever the hot new foodie trends of the minute may be. However, it may also mean that some places can slack off because they think they can just rest on their past laurels. Honestly, I tasted some of both last weekend.

And in The North, they know what they like. Just because something is hot down here in Vegas doesn't mean Reno or Carson will be following along any time soon. If our foodie fad of the moment is tapas or gourmet burgers or fussified Frenchie fare, Reno may still be happy with down home, local "cowboy cuisine".

I'll get into the specifics more this weekend. I just wanted to prepare you first for what's about to come. Bite of Vegas just took a bite of The North! ;-)

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